10 Easy And Impressive Chicken Recipes Anyone Can Make

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Wow your family and dinner guests with these easy, yet impressive chicken recipes. From pasta to pizza and so much more, no one will go hunger around the table.


0:12 – Cheese Stuffed Korean Fried Chicken
2:18 – Cheesy Butter Chicken Naan Cake
3:57 – One Pot BBQ Chicken Penne
5:32 – Cheesy Broccoli Chicken Skillet
7:11 – Tuscan Chicken Potato Lasagna
8:50 – Chicken and Waffles Bake
10:25 – Pizza Hasselback Chicken
11:21 – Roast Chicken and Bacon Alfredo
12:38 – Quesadilla Chicken Lasagna
13:53 – Crispy Spiral Garlic Butter Chicken

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Ari Mcnealy says:

You definitely need more subscribers because I'm going to use your recipes I have all the time and I'm only 12 btw I want to be a culinary chef

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Haseeb Kiyani says:

Thank u Sooo muchhhhh

laiba asif says:

While watching it i ate my phone

ASandlily says:

The waffle chicken recipe is my favorite ♡.♡

nini mimi says:

she is beautiful

Pavithra Panner says:

all superb give me and eat ??

elliven twennisixx says:

Great Recipes!

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