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Eggs are one of the simplest of ingredients: packaged in single portions, quick to cook and easy to eat at any time of day. Moreover, we can call eggs “superfood” as they contain higher amounts of omega-3 fat, vitamin A, B, E and are high in protein. Eggs are also an important and versatile ingredient for cooking, that is used in almost all recipes from breakfast to desserts.
We are here with a plenty easy trick to make cooking eggs a bit easier. There is no need to miss a breakfast anymore.
Here is an ultimate collection of eggs recipes and hacks:
– You may fry eggs in the ladle to make small portions
– The easiest way how to separate egg whites or yolks. Separate egg whites or yolks using a plastic bottle
– Use a straw for perfect decoration for kids
– Remove tiny eggshells with a piece of eggshell. The next time you crack an egg and there’s a tiny piece of shell at the bottom, remove it quickly and efficiently with a bigger piece of the eggshell
Also, you will find the ideas on how to cook a romantic breakfast. Fast and easy ways to decorate and serve breakfast will totally make your morning incredible.
Baked brie is a classic appetizer for any occasion and also works wonderfully on all kinds of entrees, from sandwiches to pizza. Take a look at our favorite ways to use this creamy cheese. You will find cool recipes that will amaze your family and friends!
Everybody loves sushi but it takes too much time to cook them at home. Moreover, you need special supplies to cook them. But what to do if you are in a hurry but you want sushi sooo much? Check out our video and you won’t spend a lot of time preparing sushi! You can make cube sushi in a silicone mold! Same taste but less time and supplies! Cover an ice cube tray with plastic wrap. Add a layer of avocado, shrimps, fish or any topping you like! Spread rice on top of fish and put into the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Flip tray onto a cutting board and remove plastic wrap.

00:09 How to cook perfect eggs
03:12 Incredible omelet idea
09:30 Baked brie recipes
14:20 Cube sushi recipe
16:28 Ice cube chocolates

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