$250 vs $25 Pasta Bolognese: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

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Expert chef Frank and home cook John are swapping materials and hoping for the best! We gave John $250 worth of ingredients and Frank’s recipe notebook, then asked him to recreate Frank’s Pasta Bolognese as best he could. Luckily, food scientist Rose was available for a brief pep talk and consultation. On the other side, Frank received $25 worth of goods and tried to improvise his way up to gourmet. Who achieved the most impressive sauce under these mixed up circumstances?

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$250 vs $25 Pasta Bolognese: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious


dawizze1 says:

I would like to see an episode where this happens but frank still cooks his original recipe and compare at the end lol

Marc de Boer says:

Sorry I can/t watch this weirdo amateur chef… he is too cringey. The Pro Chef looks like a cool dude though.

Tom Boothe says:

pov: ur reading this and are hungry as hell

marcie says:

i like their dynamic and i respect frank for being humble too. but mostly i kept on laughing at john’s innuendos. whoever edits this video has a good comedic timing. i wanna see more of em

iplayzroblox yeet says:

Does anyone else notice how Frank always mentions ¨Home Cook¨ and says something bad about them, Frank normally never does that so I feel like he just doesn't like the Home Cook in this video specifically

Fabiot says:

What a wholesome episode 😊

TeKt BAXTER says:


Tina says:

I’m Italian and honestly, the home chef's ingredients are a lot more like the traditional ones.

Arthena's Magick says:

After being in Bologna and having a 12 Euro tagliare bolognese the $250 dish seemed over the top and unnecessary. Clearly an american trait to add ego to something simple. Even the $25 dollar one seemed wrong. And way too much sauce.

Gecko81 says:

Wtf? I'm not a cook, but this video discourages me somehow from cooking at all. It looks ridiculously complicated to make pasta and the chef says "It's simple, there's nothing complicated". I don't really want to even try cooking now.

Last of Brunnen G says:

Probably my fav video in this series. John did amazing imo!
Frank elevated his as expected.

Munchi munch says:

Why do all the home chefs go comedian? I don’t really care

atl_1ne says:

$25 for low end bolognese comprising of a stalk of celery, a carrot, two gobs of minced meat, some eggs and 4 strips of bacon. GTFO of here were is this, sfo?

PhotonSoul says:

"It's kind of like a pretzel knot..!"

"Okay I have no idea what I'm doing"


Andrea Blanco says:

Yes but that's not a bolognese mi sento offeso da italiano

M. Abubakar says:

John looks exactly like Dobby .

John is a free elf.

CrAzYgIrL says:

What home cook spends $25 on bolognese? It's like a $7 meal if you don't account for reusing ingredients

LËØ ØËL says:

Ma dio cane…

starycc pietro says:

An italian grandmother does a pasta alla bolognese with 5€, and the flavour is better then the flavour of a 250€ pasta(sorry for the possibile errors, i'm Italian

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