3 Time Saving Dinner Recipes Using Quick & Easy Supermarket Shortcuts

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Lovely recipes ??

Belle Tseitlin says:

Love this idea!

Rosy Mor says:

I love your channel and your book!!! And these supermarket shortcuts are awesome!!

Laquitta Smith says:

Great recipes! I will have to try.

Leander T says:

The ad it gave me was George Clooney in a Nespresso ad. Lol. Just had to mention that.

Kemberly M says:

Love the shell recipe! I’m going to try that!

Tammy Wright says:

I definitely want to see more supermarket shortcuts. It's just me and my husband these days.

شريفه says:

رائع جداً..

MsAmyrock says:

Love these recipes!! Would love to hear about some more I can whip up with supermarket shortcuts!

tiphny says:

Yes!!! This is the exact kind of weeknight dinner prep I need in my life! Thank you!

Amanda S says:

Yes, these are my favorite! I live by quick and easy shortcuts.

2bJiminy says:

More videos like this please

Playing The Blind Card says:

I love videos like this. Keep them coming

Alicia Anderson says:

Love it!! You are such a 10! Thanks for sharing

Th3Gr3mlinz says:

Definitely a good series to continue

David Patterson says:

The shells and meatballs is genius!

sims2lovealot says:

So much yes!

Sherry Donald says:

Thank You, great ideas for dinner !

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