4 Avocado Toasts – You Suck at Cooking (episode 106)

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Avocado toast has two main ingredients: avocado, and toast. Combining these two ingredients is how you come up with this delicious recipe. If you look closely, you can see it right in the name, an account of it consisting of two words: avocado, and toast.

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16bitstudios says:

Where’s the intro? Do I still suck at cooking or not?

Zombycow says:

you don't suck at cooking
and you certainly don't suck at hygiene

Tiexable says:

I can't believe you just cut the avocado bone like that 3:29

Nick Eldridge says:

It literally makes my day when i see you upload a new video

Nadiah Nor Roslan says:

You can’t help but fall in love with this guy like wtf

Das Die Der Erik says:

Did you make an even number of avocado toasts so that they cancel each other out and you can eventually still buy a house?

Maui Randall says:

So with the virus decimating the travel industry the tourism industry and Corona beer industry you're going to go ahead and ruin the housing economy, great.

SilentNinjaGaming says:

Everryone right now: quarantined

YSAC not mentioning shit about it: lol what?

Maui Randall says:

Man someone must have complained about your kitchen hygiene

la33s 1 says:

I got some How to Basic vibes from those hand washing parts

RipWitch says:

Well, looks like I'm gonna hunt down some avocados, red peppers, and bread tomorrow.

Kahandran says:

sat down with my avocado toast to find this in my feed. Mine has browned onions, avocado, and egg though. Should have thought of parmesan.

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