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If you are new to the Instant Pot, or just need some quick, easy and affordable recipes, I’ve got you covered!

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These four recipes are some of my most easiest ones and they taste delicious!

Find 2 printable recipes here:

Instant Pot 7 Can Taco Soup: https://www.sixsistersstuff.com/recipe/easy-instant-pot-seven-can-tortilla-soup-perfect-for-beginners/

Instant Pot Stew: https://www.sixsistersstuff.com/recipe/slow-cooker-beef-stew-recipe/

Sorry, the other two don’t have links at this time. 🙂
But you can find another Mac and cheese printable recipe here: https://www.sixsistersstuff.com/recipe/easy-instant-pot-seven-can-tortilla-soup-perfect-for-beginners/

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Dee Ann Poole says:

You use a lot of chicken broth. Why don’t you make your own chicken broth in your IP? It’s what I do and all my recipes taste a lot more flavorful. My family loves my chicken broth.

GirlyTipsEtc says:

Thumbs up! Perfect Fall recipes! TFS!

Heather Woods says:

I hate to complain but you've posted these recipes 🙁 maybe when the format changes you'll post new recipes!

GeatMaster says:

Put oregano in the mac and cheese.

UpCountryNana says:

Can this be divided in half? A whole box of macaroni is too much for me.

Andrea Rushing says:

Thanks for the recipes. Please look into reusable containers for freezing meals instead of ziplock bags.

hotdaddy7919 says:

I'm finding most your times are over cooking the meat

Peggy Higgins says:

When I want to remove air from my meal bags, I just you a straw. Slide the bag to almost closed and insert a straw and draw the air out. Works every time for me and I can freeze the bags piled up flat.

Tamara Gleaves says:

Can you repost the Mac N Cheese recipe. The link sent me to the Taco Soup.

Kym Schoeff says:

Last time I made the Mac and cheese we had leftovers. I reheated scoops of the macaroni with my waffle iron- OH MY GOODNESS! Cheesy toasty brown chewy deliciousness

Joe G says:


Amanda Duke says:

I've never done ketchup on stew, but we always put mashed potatoes on top of our chicken noodle soup. Just a big scoop right on top of your bowl of soup. It melts into the soup and is so yummy.

Dee Bo says:

Ok…these are really great recipes and ideas! Thanks a bunch! Cant wait to see what's coming next. But I'll tell you this was soo needed right about now. 😊👍

diane hall says:

Thanks for sharing these recipes. I am new to Instant Pot meals, so I appreciate videos. I have several cook books, but like to see you making a dish. Autumn is a good time of the year to try out this gadget! Today was errand running day, so the slow cooker was my helper :-). Sorry I don't go on Face Book , but will follow your channel.

Cyndi D says:

Hi..I'm kind of new to the instant pot. Do you think you could add some rice to the taco soup? If so, if 1 cup of rice, would you add 2 cups of extra liquid? These recipes are awesome…& everyone will think you worked all day in the kitchen! Thanks for all the recipes!!

neild169 says:

Love the idea of freezing it in the jug to fit in the pot.

Damien Lu says:

So is there really six sisters?

Christine Langford says:

So many great recipes to try. I love the dump and go there great.

Mona Morgan says:

Wow, what’s old is new again👍🏻 I’ve made a similar taco soup for years and the IP has made it even faster. For my husband I delete the chicken and add a can or two of beef chili, no beans because there is already beans in the recipe. Have an awesome week😁

Lana Gibson says:

What did we ever do without our Instant Pots?? I'm Thankful For Mine & Your Videos Kristen!! I Learned Alot of New Things Today!!❤️❤️❤️

Barbara Johnson says:

They all look wonderful! Thanks Kristen!

Johanna Ramsey says:

Bummer, you’ve shared these recipes before.

Andrea Walker says:

Seems as though you uploaded these in the past. Still good, though.

Mad Max says:

How are the aux sisters doing? The 7 brothers and one Sister here are doing okay 😀

Jennifer Way says:

Love your simple instantpot meals. They are recipes I have made before and forgot about them. Especially the taco soup. I have actually made that same recipe and added hidden valley dry ranch salad dressing mix in it. Thanks for all your ideas. Love your show.

chan58 says:

Can you add pearl barley to the stew and how much? I always put barley in my stew 🙂 Great recipes for beginner's like me, ty! :-):-)

Ainsley Goudeau says:

Cant wait for more winter IP recipes

Lela Eber says:

These one's?

john McLaughlin says:

I shop at Kroger too! Love that Mac & Cheese! I’ll be adding hotdogs!

anna mcfadden says:

You need to do other things besides instant pot for those of us who don't have and cant afford them.

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