41 Quick Food Tricks – You Suck at Cooking

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Basically David Copperfield. Or David Blaine. Or Chris Angel or something like that.

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imadooddood says:

So this is fruit ninja all grown up

Dario III says:

I had no idea my quarantine needed this but it did, it truly did

Tomas Wityk says:

Where do you get your mana from? I want to train my magic skills like you

Qilorar V says:

Best compilation ever! Wish I would have such skills, but I suck at cooking😕

Jarek Nowak says:

You are crazy.
And thats why You should adopt me.
Btw, im 37.
You can adopt also my Mam and Dad.

Jack Higgins says:

Don’t mind me. Just here to help the algorithm.

BigBoy Jax says:

Please teach me the ways of the ripple chop

Panteleimon Ponomarenko says:


Jayden Greensill says:

What?? How did you do these? It has to be fake!!! you can’t cut butter like that I tried!

RuBa says:

Thank YOU for existing 😊

Mark Vanderwolf says:

I can only imagine the amount of small bits of food and shit thats fallen down that gap next to the stove lol

Aika Vi says:

This channel started my hand fetish

deers r cool says:

did he just-

show off his editing skills

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