5 Meatless Recipes That Taste Delicious • Tasty

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makemeup313 says:

You seasoned these dishes very well, it’s a shocker to me that when it comes to frying chicken suddenly you develop amnesia.

makemeup313 says:

Am I the only one who considers eggs a meat/ animal???

trishaconnect says:

Make more vegan recipes

سهل وسريع Fast & easy says:

اللي عربي يضغط لايك ???

willcwhite says:

All these perfectly good recipes ruined by eggs and cheese #govegan

M Del Valle says:

After the second dish that had a meat name in it…I stopped.

Spirit Song says:

I'd rather have proper protien in my diet thanks.

Haley Faragalli says:

I bet they do taste delicious

Mauricio Javier León Tejada says:

Seguro music

Ramya Sana says:

??? "mealtess""

Stepha Holic says:

These look good af

Lunar Dream says:

Please do really good plant based burger's recipes!

Iisha Misha says:

Sorry I don’t like cheesy things

System509 says:

How are eggs meatless? It’s a dead chicken

Ludicrous Nerd12 says:

I accidentally read it as "meatles" and was intrigued.

Peaceful Sponge says:

Tbh I’d rather just continue eating meat

Flamester7 Tv says:

There should never be “less meat” in anything

Natalie Keatley says:

YUMMY I need that burger right now ?

wyatt says:

IMO the best meatless recipes don't try to replicate meat. They're just good on their own

Shelby Herrmann says:

And yet, the SAME vegan pulled pork sandwich that I’ve seen in 5+ videos. New sandwich recipes please!!

Triston Montgomery says:

Should probably just use meat, tastes way better than anything you can come up with that’s “meatless”.

Praneetha Dundigalla says:

Visit India. You'd find 500 meatless recipes ?

Jana And Mine craft says:

هل من عربي هنا اثبت وجودك بلايك

kawtar army :v says:

Me arabe❤❤❤Marco

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