$98 vs $9 Burger: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

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Expert chef Frank and home cook Lorenzo are back, swapping their recipes and ingredients for your culinary viewing pleasure. We gave Lorenzo $98 worth of ingredients and Frank’s notebook to make the best burger he could (with an assist from food scientist Rose!) On the other side, Frank received $9 worth of materials and tried to improvise his way up to gourmet. Who achieved the most impressive results under these mixed up circumstances?

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$98 vs $9 Burger: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious


DIVISION 2 II Thats-MR-Purple says:

Every home cook knows to toast the bun.. apparently the didn't

Kewl Beans says:

frank cheated. lorenzo wins!

G G says:

Frank is a big fan of white castle I'm guessing

Kid Awesome says:

0:50 wth is that on the buns

Kerisin says:

I really like how frank appreciates the cheap ingredients

Hanna Setiawan says:

Alternative title: Lorenzo's having breakdown

Clarissa Gafoor says:

Is Lorenzo American Filipino? Cos he's got the joyous energy.

LilithMoon29 says:

Epicurious if you ever replace Beth, Frank, and Lorenzo – I will mourn and never watch you again!! They are the coolest, fun, entertaining, informative people.. I wish I could eat everything they create! They really make the show!!

anonymous 12345 says:

Thumbs up for Frank grinding ; )

Sydney Vincent says:

he shoulda said "the beat dropped"

fishy gang member 69 1 says:

WhAt ThE hElL

CASHton57 says:

To me Lorenzo seems like he would be a skipper on the jungle cruise

G U says:

Go check out Frank’s YouTube channel!

ProtoCooks with Chef Frank

You’re welcome.

Joker MH says:

No one does it better than guga

lol says:

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Shreya Singh says:

People don't use whole scallions?????

naufal Fadhlurrohman says:

do lorenzo have his own youtube channel?

filaret kilera says:

these two dudes are all this channel needs

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