Amazing cooking chicken leg crispy with red chili recipe

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Hi every one welcome to visit my channel is talk about cooking life style and Amazing cooking chicken leg crispy with red chili recipe.
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It’s too spicy 🌶 🥵

Crowned Clown says:

i wanna marry the lady on a polka… <3

Jennifer Amaa says:

Now I’m craving this 😩

simple styles zumeees says:


Vhong Dionisio says:

I love chicken legs spicy 😍😋

Sujit kumar Dhal says:

Maribo shali mane

Wina's Channel says:

Wow….cant imagine eating this kind of spicy food! Anyways… I made my own version…(not spicy but sweet😂)

Anila Nasir says:

Plz mention the recipe in English at least when you add the spices because we can't understand your language

Jefri Ramón encarnacion says:

Busco novia.🗿

totally ludachris says:

interesting to say the least a lot of chili

hater humans says:

Back to back this menu recipe

John McCain says:

It look like so yummy

Carmela Jance says:

No one:
turns on captions
Video: 0:48 [Applauses]

Aeryn Y says:

feels like you're running out of ideas and just doing whatever

kawaii_ bro42 says:

You really know how to make someone hungry at midnight 😭

Cook moon TV says:

I think the chicken legs are going to be very spicy…

I'm going to watch the video…

Rickpat Uno says:

How wings always will be in my top 5 favorite foods .. ladies yalls meals make me hungry lol you all make beautiful dishes great stuff ! 😎😁👌

AlvinRey83 says:

These gals love chilli. They put it in everything.

Jany De Jesus says:

Me encanta buen trabajo

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