Baby Food Recipes in Tamil | Stage 1 Homemade Baby Food in Tamil | 6 month Baby Food in Tamil

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In this video we will see how to make baby food recipes in tamil. Fruit and vegetable puree are ideal for introducing babies to food. We have to make sure that the baby food is free of clumps to prevent the choking hazard. Fresh fruits and vegetables make a healthy meal for babies and give them vitamins and minerals. When starting solid food always be close to the baby and observe while they practice chewing and swallowing.
Starting on vegetable puree and then transitioning to fruit purees and finally preparing combination meals in ideal for the baby. Always introduce one type of vegetable / fruit at a time and after 3 days of the same type of food then introduce the next vegetable, this way the digestive system gets familiar with the first kind of food and gets ready for the next type.
Friends, fresh homemade food is much better than the ready made formulas and cerlac. So please provide these healthy foods for babies. All the best and happy cooking!

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Saranya Subakaran says:

Sooo good aunty thank you soo much your daughter is verry verry cute. Pls By Safe at Home with your Cutie. Thank you From Switzerland

pavithra m says:

👌👌👌sis innu inda madri babies samandhapatte recipe podunge.

ram malar says:

Very nice akka Tq…… Be safe akka

Chandana Gurunath says:

I am mother of 14 month old kid. 6 to 12 months edhu kuduthalum sema ah sapduvanga. After 13 we will die making them to eat even cerelac which was their favourite. Even biscuit kooda my daughter not eating. So it was golden days when she had food nicely. I m ready to cook anything if she ready to eat.😪

Prakash Vijay says:

Super mam I am also Nagar Kovil

Girish Krishna says:

Very nice mam pls upload 2 years old baby food recipe

Killer Rai says:

20 month baby healthy breakfast solunga

S Cube Creations says:

Super sis. Very useful

Robinson filitz says:

இந்த லெவலுக்கு ஸ்பூன் feeding panniga na, vazhka full ah அரசிட்டு தான் இருக்கணும். Dont do like this. Here most of the minerals will be gone with the water. Also the baby should have some struggle to eat else it will expect similar things till their life.


8 month babyku sollunga sis

Aswathy G says:

Akka anga eppadi eruke corona

Tamilarasi K says:

It's really useful for new mother sis thnq

Priya V says:

1 year mela irukra baby ku food chart nd recepe podunga sister

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