Chef Atherton’s ‘Pollen Street’ cookbook: ‘Recipes I cook day-to-day in my fine dining restaurants’

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Eighty recipes taken from the menu of award-winning London restaurant the “Pollen Street Social” become public knowledge this month as they have been gathered in a cookbook for the first time. Perspective’s Eve Irvine spoke to the cookbook’s author, Chef Jason Atherton, who runs 15 restaurants around the globe – four of them awarded with Michelin stars – about what makes this collection of recipes so special.
A“fruits of the sea” oyster ice cream, a sea scallop, pickled radish and jalapeño concoction and a bitter chocolate pave with olive biscuit and olive oil jelly are just some of the recipes in Atherton’s new cookbook.
Although it is his fifth collection of recipes, Atherton says it’s the first time he is using his “actual recipes”, meaning they are not as geared towards the home cook as his previous works. “This is a no holes barred, not having to think if people can do it at home, this is purely recipes I cook day-to-day in my fine dining restaurants,” he says, but insists there is also something for the home cook in the book: “If you look at the ‘fruits of the sea’, although it has five elements in it, you can use each one of those [elements] as an individual recipe and when you break each individual recipe down it’s actually not that difficult. But it is a chef’s cookbook, written by a chef and I hope other chefs enjoy it.”

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