Chicken & Rice Momos मोमोस | Kunal Kapur Recipes | Chef Kapoor Chinese Chicken Porcupine

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Possibly the easiest way to make momos is this one. My recipe does not use any dough on the outside instead uses rice to coat the chicken momos.
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Taby Royal says:

Great , it looks like some sea creature , but I am sure it will taste good ???

Samira 123 says:

Taste to acha hi hoga looks me??bhot hi scary he ..ek baat samz nahi aai rice to flat ho gya tha to fir ye rice ? k jese stand q ho gya?

Arbaz Mokashi says:

Dhek kar hi dar lgra hai….

Mandakini Sonwane says:

फारच सुंदर मला फार आवडले

Saparya Raj says:

Hello Kunal sir , kindly show how to do perfect delicious brownie


After cooked it looks like sea food

sarika gupta says:

They look gorgeous Chef.Can you make a vegetarian version also

Sumita Wadhwa says:

It can't be called a momo

Sohini Mitra says:


Jasmeet Kanwar says:

Nzara krta kapur saab bt kya paneer momos bna skte hn is technique se?

Pooja Arvind Jaiswar says:

Superb sir.. The look of momos are awsome… And testy… ??

Sangeeta Bose says:

Hello Chef Kunal! Beautiful gorgeous recipe. If I use normal steamer (double boiler) then how much time I need to steam it?

pranali gaddiwar says:

It's really wow

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