Dessert Recipes To Impress | Gordon Ramsay

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Even more desserts!

Watch the first part here –

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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Adam Kent says:

spoon your minty cream

News Now Lawless says:

1:34 hmmmmmm

Dont Trust Nobody says:

And they said white people use salt in their food.

GoldenPoison Duh says:

I read "Dessert recipes to impress Gordon Ransay"

herovids119 says:

She is just the cutest!

xXMoneyBagChaserXx says:

Listen 1:33 with your eyes closed😂😂😂

David Gotsman says:

6:50 do i need 12yo girl to assist me cooking in order to complete the receipt? If yes, can i borrow someone's please? Sorry, im just not a good cook so i dont know those tricks

Gabriela_Rodriguez says:

I just love how he is with his daughter and she loves the kitchen just as much as him 🥰

ghost seeker owens says:

sneaks into gordens kitchen before he comes back from the bathroom and eats his dish 😈😈😈 nom nom nom


Alex Aguirre says:

It's hard to believe hes a nice guy from all the hells kitchen episodes I've logged

Stay Hard says:

I want to punch his arrogant face so bad. I can't be he only one.

RedHedgeHog says:

is it bad that i cant tell between an apple and ginger

JESSROCKED Channel says:

imagine Gordon Ramsey joined Yakitate Japan

zykeveyin malone says:

He’s so neat and Organized.

ELB67 says:

Looks amazing!

April B says:

Whoa!! Very nice & looks scrumptious!! ♥️😋

Marshad Mostafa says:

I got a question : why are these videos posted now. I mean these were filmed years before.

ali albarbary says:

i wonder if sokie watched this i am a Gordon Ramsay fan and a legend

Karen Riches says:

I think Matilda could teach him!

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