Discover a Chinese Secret: Cooking With Tea by Masterchef

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Masterchef John Zhang shares tips on cooking with tea and a surprising recipe: Tender fish is treated to a unique sauce with matcha and green tea that is full of flavor, delicious and tasty.

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Cooking with tea adds subtle flavor to recipes both savory and sweet. While Westerners generally think of tea only as a beverage, the Chinese have used it as a seasoning for centuries.

The type of tea used is extremely important. Green tea is the oldest and most popular in China. Chef John chose dragon well tea, the most famous green tea from China, for this surprising recipe.

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donnieb says:

I want some of that aroma oil. Will pay for shipping.

Little Monster #1 says:

Wow, I'm trying to imagine the flavours, but it's so exotic to me that it's so hard to. Chinese food is amazing! I've got some matcha power and green tea in my cabinet, can't wait to try this out!

Yin Yin Wong says:

Did the chef make the soaked tea leaves into a paste and coat the fish with it? I think I may have missed that part?

Reine Mercado says:

For those who are wondering about the taste:

Green tea in savoury dishes is an acquired taste. It is highly likely that you will not find it good the first time you try it especially if you haven't tasted a lot of Asian food (not just Chinese).

Green tea, however, is amazing in sweet dishes. I like it in my cheesecake, tarts, and jellies.

Arvin Raj Singh Gill says:

When you're too late for tea but too early for dinner

Lupin3rd Arsene says:

Another awesome recipe ??? ?

Mariz Hawthorne says:

That matcha flavor so good..???


Who wants to taste it now? 🙂

Nani Pu says:

Very relaxing video. Forgot it’s about food. Almost like meditation

Casleey says:

Sadly not home cook friendly. That 過 油 is such a waste at home.

Dennis De Guzman says:

i dont think so ..what his cooking

kien nha trang says:

Looks good !

Batatz Batatatz says:

Producer: how many oil do you want?
Master Chef: yes
Me: laughs in fat.

Eugene Sedita says:

It says the oil is 100 degrees. Nonsense. How is anyone supposed to believe you when you leave an error like that?

Salma Imtiaz says:

You are Amazing chef
I want to meet you

ner ner says:

where the chef is cooking?

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