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Easy and delicious avocado recipes that aren’t just guacamole! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: https://amzn.to/2GJ2xvv

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Kunaya says:

Everyone's so mad that there were 2 extremely similar recipes but honestly you guys, how many of you are looking at these recipes to actually make them??

Jacqueline See-Tho says:

All I could hear the entire time was…

?Avocados from Mexico?

Haley Faragalli says:

I shouldn't be watching this while I'm hungry

Sophia :P says:

Ohhhh so now I know why Billie eilish always wonders where the avocados are ….cause tasty took then all

prerna wagle says:


Little Miss Latte says:

Hello, Tasty. I saw a box with your logo on it in the Walmart near me. I hope my mom can get it for me for my 11th birthday in 4 days. I’ve always wanted to cook. And that’s gonna help me in the future.

shaheer Sami says:

Wish i had avacados here where i live:))

Samantha Cadena says:

Avocado egg rolls should've been on this list

djackio says:

Hot ? is nasty af. Hard pass on all of this.

a j says:

hello avocado you’re outdated.

Roxana Romero says:

I hate warm avocado

Erin Fox says:

Where my avocados at!?

ana maria says:

Petition to Louis Tomlinson to watch this video ?

Gewichtsverlies Diëtist says:

Looks good!

ownedbystark says:

where is joana ceddia ???

seibertus says:

poor gringos cant cut a palta whitout cutting their fingers xd

pd. palta = avocado ( i am from argentina)

Oscar Beltran says:

:/ :/ :/ :/ :/ Quien les dijo que el aguacate se comía caliente?

Poof says:

4:004:47 Was disgusting?

Jelly Boy says:

Shrimp and avocado tostadas are called tostadas de ceviche

Kristine Willems says:

Forst the eggs, second the flour and in the end the breadcrumbs.

Kyle k says:

Just make some damn guac

love joy says:

excellent. Great ideas. thanks.

Mo n says:

I can't afford avocados or celery rn…?

Berry Baming says:

frEsh AvoCAdO

Traditionally Modern Food says:

I couldn’t see much difference between avocado wedges and fries. Who else thinks the same

Anthony Boatwright Jr says:

I will prepare all of this today

lun1x :3 says:

The shrimp and avocado tostadas are SUPER common here in Mexico ha

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