Every Way to Cook Salmon (43 Methods) | Bon Appétit

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You know, salmon ice cream isn’t as bad as it sounds, though maybe don’t give it to your children unless they know what they’re signing up for. Join Amiel Stanek as he attempts to cook salmon in almost every way possible, including pan-seared, coffee machine-cooked and moss-wrapped over campfire.

Timecodes for each method:
Sashimi: 0:29
Ceviche: 0:56
Cured: 1:27
Pan-Seared: 2:03
Cold Pan: 2:44
Pan Fried: 3:17
Burger: 3:52
Grill (3-Ways): 4:40
Grilled: 4:57
Cedar Plank: 5:24
Kebab: 5:52
Grill Basket: 6:15
Pickled: 6:50
Canned: 7:22
Poached: 8:09
Coffee Pot: 8:41
Rillette: 9:14
Ice Cream: 9:45
Steamed: 11:13
Boiled: 11:44
Campfire (3 Ways): 12:16
Clay Wrapped: 12:48
Banana Leaf: 13:17
Moss Covered: 13:39
Deep Fried: 14:11
Beer Battered: 14:41
Fish Sticks: 15:13
Air Fryer: 15:51
Skin Chips: 16:20
Sous Vide: 16:47
Jerky: 17:26
Hair Dryer: 18:02
Smoker: 18:36
Searzall: 19:07
On A Stick: 19:46
Buried: 20:17
Mailbox: 21:00
Hot Tub: 21:33
Slow Baked: 22:16
Roasted: 22:46
Broiled: 23:17
En Papillote: 23:52
Salt Crusted: 24:22

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Every Way to Cook Salmon (43 Methods) | Bon Appétit


Will Tai says:

I just want the behind the scenes of Amiel recreating him speaking through his scuba mask

jason4275 says:

Its a huge risk to eat rare salmon that you did not bought whole, and skin and clean yourself, because of Salmonella.

Pierre Thenot - MTB says:

That cedar plank was dry af… You gotta let that wood soak in water for hours. That's why you didn't get any smoke flavour and the wood was burnt as well.

Louisnotonfire says:

Salmon is my favorite food ever I’m so happy

William Zuleger says:

Grill salmon with charcoal not gas.

Dylan Preusser says:

eats raw fish but has a problem with rare fish

Zakary Moninger says:

Amiel: eats raw salmon "This is amazing!"
also Amiel: "This filet is a little rare…"

gumbubble101 says:

"Fellas don't drink that coffee! You'd never guess, there was a fish… in the percolator."

marina kasparov says:

Just a suggestion: Would you be able to keep the name of the way you’re cooking the salmon after the first initial frame? I had to keep going back to see which way you were cooking it

The Tiger 8u says:

U realize that sashimi isn’t cooking

Mithosphere says:

Why no dishwasher?

hunrahel says:

pretty sure the mailbox salmon is a federal offense, as shown

Kiwiwatermelon 07 says:

You forgot in a hot car reference to tkor

Scott Paulding says:

Please keep doing these, it's a great series!

Princekygo says:

I mean the clay method is a decent way to cook meat but you’re supposed to wrap it in something before you actually cover it in clay.

Liam Pasley says:

NZ salmon represent!

Jimmy Nino says:

How do you forget the most obvious thing to cook with salmon🤔 salmon patties 😠

Tansyfang says:

salmon has made me throw up 6 times, and my body is just about certain that it's poison by this point…. this whole episode has me gagging 🙁

ren heart says:

"we didn't nail this one" ah yes BA the only cooking show that doesnt immediately blame the ingredients when a food fails! what a refreshing episode!

Brendan Droesch says:

The grilled salmon was super messed up, if you do it right it can be super good

Billy 124578 says:

Sashimi in a cooking vid, I feel it’s more preparing salmon in many ways

obi_dank_kenobi says:

Everytime I watch one of these I crave them so much

BurnabyAlex says:

Need the smoked salmon… you'll need a smokehouse though.

Dani says:

How do you not know how to grill. Lol making BA look bad

Leonardo Rivera says:

How do you prepare the salmon for sashimi? I’m horrified of deseases lmao but I love raw fish

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