Fall-Off-The-Bone – TOP 5 Ribs Recipes From Master Chef John

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How to cook the perfect ribs in 5 unique ways. Absolutely delicious. Chef John showcases some unique recipes and methods of cooking with five of our fan’s favorite rib recipes from the past.

– Garlic Ribs
– Tea Braised Ribs
– Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs
– Smoked Ribs
– Spicy Beef Ribs

You can make amazingly tender, Fall-Off-The-Bone delicious ribs with these recipes from Chef John. Smoking, braising, frying processes create unique flavors that’s scrumptious.

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حسين أبوالهدى says:

You use too much oil and this is not healty

ALPHA Living says:


steven kurniawan says:

i'd like to go to china, just to taste chef john's food 🤤

Azeez Ahamad says:

Sparkle lil bit of corona powder 😂😂😂

ONKAR says:

पाटी पाटीभर शेण खात जा रांडच्यांहो, तेवढेच बाकी ठेवलाय तुम्ही लोक

Rabeea Mirza says:

I love your recipes but have to alter them as we're not allowed to have pork or alcohol. Could you possibly do one with lamb ribs minus the alcohol?

Shashank Joglekar says:

Chef… The faucet is leaking

Baraily's Kitchen says:

If cooking is magic then you are a master Magician chef john 🙏

Donalyn Silos says:

The time it requires for soaking and rinsing is INSANE! 00:45 30 mins in running water? Seriously? You will waste that much water for rinsing? 🙄

Lesterles says:

Bat soup next time

Thanh Truong says:

Close Close Close. talking LEGO Please do Chinese style Eggs and Tomatoes .Happy your guys …

St0rmyShad0w 23 says:

I’m trying to eat today not in a week

Hoangkhoi Ma says:

Am I the only one who see this guy looks like Xi Pinji ??

Khurram Mazhar says:

Different dishes.. same recipe
Wow chef John (y)

Cornelius de Jong says:

Chef John is a Genius! i like to try all These rib recipes !!

dinesh jonwal says:

Sir kha gayab ho gye the

EJ's Korean Kitchen says:

Amazing food! I can't wait to try it! I hope you and your family are doing well. We all gotta stay positive to fight this deadly disease. Take care! 🤗🤗

Kartal Abi says:

What about Bat soup

Gavin Kerchhoff says:

Amazing!! I wish I could taste those ribs.

Watch says:

I dont know why this channel have only 1m plus sub this cooking of prof chef you can learn about chinese cooking. Me i learn 1 recipe but i dont have spice i can cook some of dish.

مصطفى العراقي says:

You are the best chef but the world

مصطفى العراقي says:

I am from Iraq, my dear brother, follower

مصطفى العراقي says:

What's 👉 the 🐷 😂 😂 😂

hello hello says:

How about som good old Bat supe creepy 😜

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