Gajar Ka Halwa | गाजर हलवा | Carrot Halwa Recipe | गजरेला | Chef Ranveer Brar

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A must, must have dish for winters.. Gajar ka Halwa. What can be more heart-warming than a bowl of hot carrot halwa on a cold winter afternoon, right? Try my recipe and let me know how you liked it. Happy cooking 🙂
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Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 40-45 minutes
Serves: 3-4
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian

Pinch of Saffron
2-3 Green Cardamom pods, crushed
2 cups Winter carrots, grated
3 cups Cow milk
¼ cups Ghee
10-12 Cashew nuts, Chopped
10-12 Almonds, Sliver
¾ Cups Sugar
Pinch of Salt

● Heat ghee in a kadai. Add saffron, cardamom, grated carrot and cook till they are soft.
● Add milk and cook on slow flame till all the milk is evaporated.
● In another pan, add ghee, cashew nuts, almonds and saute till golden brown.
● Add this mixture into the kadai and mix well.
● Now add sugar and salt and mix well. Cook for 4mins and switch off the flame. Serve hot or cold.


Vinay Singh says:

Histari jyada bataye

Yogita Kumar says:

How much milk should be used for 1kg carrots

Shaibaz Khan says:

Thank you so much ranveer bhai..aapne to meri mushkil duur kardi

Sneh Tripathi says:

Thank you chef🌹

Susmita says:

This gajar ka halwa memorises my childhood too …. such a delightful moments

Mrinalini R says:


Mounika Daga says:

You are absolutely amazing, with lot of knowledge & experience, so impressed, i didn't knew you earlier but now fan of you

Sayani Sarkar says:

If u r my history teacher, then i was definitely loving this subject

Malvika Sharma says:

Hello sir..
Can you please tell from where you get that white blue pan in which you are cooking.

Arti Premjee says:

love your totally authentic recipes!!

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