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While a lot of us are remaining indoors, here are a few quick, simple and cheap recipes to follow to learn.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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insta front_door_ink says:

When he realises the cleaner can't come around to clean up his mess 😵

Santa Claus says:

I am uncomfortable with the way he describes what to do with the ingredients

Sudan Wang says:

why put in garlic in later than chicken? I always put garlic first. Is there a difference?

isaac rodriguez says:

That cheesecake looks great 👍

Dustin Biondo says:

Man you didn’t season the noodles at ALL. Ten years married to a Thai woman and she’d slap your ass for that.

Abhishek Kafle says:

Can anyone help me with the name of that creamy thing he put at 6:08 ??

zhinka says:

watches video..hm,. NONE of the ingredients are available fresh right now

Kalina Dartact says:

Every word he says is just


LivingDeadGurlXXX says:

I love this man. 💕❤️😍

Thegalactiknight says:

We’re waiting every night

Connor Hanna says:

Watching this while fasting…. Hate life

Charles Zinn says:

"This is a young, tender broccoli"
Never before heard someone call broccoli like that before

Vincent says:

i don't even want to learn how to cook but it's just so satisfying to see Gordon Ramsay cook

Alex Knight says:

Those supposedly delicious smells were cats,dogs,and porcupine which caused this covid 19 situation. China has all the blood on there hands.

Zeak says:

I swear I‘ve done the first recipe before and followed off a random website on google. Gordon, explain.

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