Great Depression Cooking – The Poorman's Meal – Higher Resolution

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Clara’s Poorman’s Meal is one of my favorite dishes. It was the reason we began this channel. I could never remember just how Nana made it, and being a visual person, what better way to have the recipe than as a video.

This is a higher resolution version of Clara’s Poorman’s Meal video. It was shot in SD and now up-resed to HD. Not perfect, but a big improvement from the 2007 YouTube standard of 144p!

This was the very first meal we filmed for her show. We’ll leave up the original and enjoy this one for improved clarity as well as a new ending message from Clara.

I recently rediscovered the original tape, dated April 10, 2007. It is just days away from its thirteenth anniversary. On June 2007 I posted it as the 4th video of our initial posts (saving the best for last, of course). At the time there were very few concept YouTube channels and it wasn’t yet owned by Google.

As a filmmaker, I tried convincing TV studios that this was a great show idea. I was told that there wasn’t really an appetite for a cooking show about the history of the Great Depression, hosted by an unknown 91 year old Grandmother.

I saw YouTube as a place I could make the show anyway and let people decide for themselves if they wanted to learn meals from the Depression and meet my amazing Grandmother. And you did decide. Thanks for watching and I’ll try to continue to share Clara and her incredible cooking as best I can.



DawnMcO41 says:

Clara gives me hope that even in bad situations you try to stay positive and make the best of it.

Stephanie Harris says:

I discovered this lady about a Year ago. Just being bored one night. I'm so glad I kept watching. She so reminds me of my Grandma. Unfortunately after 33 years . I lost my Grandma we'll both of mine in same years. Everyone cherish yours if yours are still with us. Love you Clara you maybe gone but not forgotten. Thanks to the loving videos you and your Grandson shared with the world.

Betty Lavergne says:

Love ❤️Miss Clara!! Thank you Chris, grandson!

bonzo3423 says:

Thank you nana

Jota Random says:

My only criticism is the lack of subtitles (in english at least) that could help me and some non english speakers and deafs persons underestand clearly what Clara said

FoodParadise says:

I’ve been watching Clara for several years now and love all her videos! She’s left a wonderful legacy! Rest easy, beautiful, Clara. ❤️

Lydia Williams says:

I love this woman soo much, I wish she was still here today❤❤

Taking Back Angie says:

Gosh I love this lady! She was a spitfire! She reminds me of my Grandmother!

Jill W says:

Your videos put a smile on my face.

Donna says:

Love the simplicity of her cooking. My grandmother cooked the same way. 👍🏻😊

Linda Johnson says:

TFS.I loved hearing Clara’s story and watching her make her poorman’s meal! She was such a,beautiful,sweet lady!I’m glad you’re posting her video’s.It’s great to see them again! It takes our mind off,and brings joy to all of us,who are on this stay at home order,because of the Coronavirus.👍🏻❤️

Msmamadaughtasista says:

Timely videos thank you for bringing Grandma Clara back!

Tom Jones says:

This lady was and still is a jewel. I watched every video she made when she was still with us. AND I still go back and watch the videos she made. I think she teaches us all a great lesson even for our day and time. Be thankful for what you have and share with others when you can. We miss you Miss Clara! 🙂

Savvy Aviee says:

I never grew up with either one of my grandmas. I only saw them in pictures. I never knew what it was like to snitch on my parents to grandma, Or to run away to grandmas house if I was upset at my parents, and I never knew grandmas cooking. 😭
Bless all you who had or still have the chance to be with your grammas!
I’ve made this dish, and it was tasty!

Lori Davila says:

I love Clara. I made this for my husband the other day and he loved it. Thank you for bringing this series back!!!

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