How To Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time

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Killer Dog says:


Renu Singh Singh says:

She is egg expert.she is cool

Insynery says:

I don’t like eggs, because i don’t like eating dead babies

Chua Sihui says:

The egg is so unhealthy the first one

Drink bleach and die says:

I love the egg white.. But i don't really like the yolk

I know I'm weird

winterdemon's channel says:

diabetes? heart disease ? hell yes !

Jaka Kraigherjov says:

Poached are really good if there is still some salty water on them(I put them in a bowl) then when it you cut through it the yoke mixes with the hot water and it's soooo goood

Trevor Lahey says:

4:37 you mean a rolling boil

ı Pastełłe ı says:

That's funny, when my father cooks poached eggs he uses white vinegar instead of water.

Tomei F. says:

That’s how i make my scrambled eggs ☺️ but with cheese..mozzarella cheese

Once_Blink_ Forever says:

I would like to have a cooked egg yolk … in the fried egg

GloveSquad / Bou says:

Why would you put a poop ton of butter in the scrambled eggs?

tremoxo says:

i always love my butter, with some eggs

Sophia Sokolova says:

Love this! Eggs seem easy to deal with, but it isn't so true! Thanks for the tips! My personal favourite are fried eggs. Tomorrow I'll try my best to surprise my family with an eggcelent breakfast! ?☕❤?

Phillip The Antlion says:

you never season your eggs before you cook them. They'll become gray and dehydrated. Season right before, or after they finish.

MrArbeter says:

And this is why women should stay in the ..

Free Range says:

That's not cooked properly ????.That's not how you fry an egg with the yolk runny and soft.

Moony says:

Hey! Could i recomend, with poached, instead of ( or with the) water use vinegar. (Clear). It gives flavor.

go cats says:

I just throw a bunch of eggs in the whirlpool when I poach multiple. May not end up perfectly shaped but still tastes the same.

theo wilis says:

Y rubber rubber utensils can give you cancer if u use it

yrakimari says:

Mark Lee should watch this.

Biannie Sofia Blanco says:


sance 1982734 says:



Throw The Eggs And break it
Into Small Pieces Punch it
And Eat it

Batgirl P says:

Great, thanks.

TheChattounet says:

da fuck why so much butter that's discusting !
just put some at the start so it won't hook of the skillet and not that much , da fuck…

ThatOneAlien says:

I don’t like butter that much so… can I choose any other option- T-T

Jaggu Dadda says:

soo buttery

Madeline Larson says:

Everyone is complaining about the butter. Butter is delicious. Just use it in moderation.


I like runny white

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