How to Make Perfect Egg that Looks like Silk by MasterChef • Chinese Cooking with Tips

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Watch Masterchef John Zhang create culinary magic ~ cooking egg that looks as thin as silk.

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There are many creative ways that Chinese chefs make egg. For this recipe, Chef John shares tips on how to cook the egg into thin threads.

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SinR6 says:

He uses that one truck Gordon Ramsay thought on how to chop leaves without bruising them 😀

Brent Katowitz says:

Oh cool, maybe I could learn how to make better eggs…, never mind.

Zaid Pansare says:

Visit India🇮🇳!!!
This we won't call cholesterol…
This is the basic requirement for more than 70% of us!!!

Pratyush Ranjan says:

From where can I get the background music? It's so soothing.

tetikus says:

Use duck egg, it tastes better, and more cholesterol too, lol

Brett Fitch says:

What is the song?

Cindy Lou says:

what's that music?

theeoneandonlyibraw says:

That bit of eggshell triggered me

Chronic 2001 says:

i cant find the music anywere ☹️

Taposhi Sultana says:

so oily…🙄🙄

李淑瑶 says:

In that kind of video they just want to show the cooking skills, not the food how delicious

Wul Vershon says:

Some1 send me the song 😢

squishycld says:

These r like the least healthy eggs ever

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