Lock-Down No Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe | Chef Sanjyot Keer | #StayHome

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Your Food Lab says:

I got this idea of making this simple recipe when I received a message by one of our viewers saying she wanted to make a cake for her daughter and husband for their birthday. She does not have an oven and also she doesn’t eat eggs. I know that no one of us can go out or order a cake at this moment but this shouldn’t stop us from making that special day of our close ones from being special for them. This recipe has basic ingredients and I have mentioned enough substitutes for each ingredient, if you still feel you don’t have the ingredients and need substitutions let me know I will try to repo dar with other options! I have made the simplest version by not using a cooker or steamer also because some cakes require baking powder or something or the other and I wanted to make this really simple. So prepare this cake for your loved ones, video call all of your friends and family and you could have a cake cutting by staying at home and also maintain social distancing. I hope this would help you guys. Trying my best to prepare the easiest recipes for you guys! Stay at home and stay safe!

Lock down No Bake Chocolate Cake

* 20-25 glucose biscuits (Crushed biscuits should be around 3 cups, which ever biscuits you use)
* 3-6 tbsp sugar (use powdered sugar or grind the granulated sugar if you don’t have powdered sugar at home, add sugar as per your taste, I added just 3 tbsp)
* 4 tbsp cocoa powder (any chocolate drinking powder should work like bournvita, milo etc)
* Butter 125-150 grams (softened, you can also use white butter)
* Nuts 1/2 cup (optional, you can use any nuts available like walnuts, almonds, cashews, just toast them before adding)

* If you are using granulated sugar, grind the sugar using a mixer grinder.
* Take a ziplock bag or a clean cloth and crush the biscuits. You could also use a mixer grinder but just coarsely grind the biscuits.
* In a mixing bowl add powdered sugar, cocoa powder, crushed biscuits and softened butter.
* Mix well until it turn into doughy-fudgy consistency.
* Now line a cake tin or any bowl with butter paper, aluminum foil or butter (butter is sometimes tricky to de-mould) cling film also works.
* Now add the batter and press to shape well.
* Now refrigerate for at least 15 minutes
* De-mould the cake and now it’s time to decorate
* Decorate with cocoa powder, chocolate shavings or whatever is available and whatever you like. Jam, chocolate sauces, caramel sauce, chocolate ganache, fruits, nuts anything can be used.
* The idea is to use what you have at home and stay at home while you can still make that cake!
* Enjoy the cake with your loved ones
PS. I know that these times are very challenging and there is a lot more to be done, I have been supporting the people who work with me and as well as people who come to our houses to collect our waste and who are still working right now by some of the other means. This video is just a positive note in these terrible times! Let’s stay safe and stay as positive as possible!

Sanchari Pandit says:

Thanks very impressive..I will celebrate my first lockdown birthday

Kratika Modi says:

Thankyou so much….its a gr8 recipe…uh r wonderful..can i substitute butter with oil or anything else as i do not have butter?


You have provided an alternative for almost everything, even the butter paper… Brilliant!!!!

Nisha Shankar says:

You saved my day..its my husbands bday..thankyou

Monish Raj says:

Srsly u r one Best Human I've come across today in media!!

BTS ARMY says:

Wow.. I'm gonna do it for sure nothing is special but cases cakes makes me happy 💜🤗

Nithin pulakkat says:

One of the best cake recipes..

Ayushi Raj says:

Yesterday was my hostelmate's birthday…she is at her home as hostels are closed bcz of lockdown and her cake looked like this…..most interesting thing is her whole family is purely vegetarian too…I wonder if she followed ur recipe…..I wish I could send a pic of her cake but not possible on YouTube

Cheruvu Pratyusha says:

Any alternative for butter??

pranavi balery says:

I have tried it it's really awesome and tasty❤

Ayushi Raj says:

I just loved that u thought of them

Shivam Jaiswal says:

Awsome 🙆🏻‍♂️

Ami Aks says:

I love " your food lab "

Asfin Ali says:

I don't have butter now 😑 can I use ghee instead of butter?

chethana patil says:

Thank you so much dude my cousin birthday is there and I was worried abt the cake this helped me

Anisha Singh says:

I am so used to ur recipes.. there are literally so many recipes of urs that I have added in my day to day cooking.. u r an inspiration to me.. my brother is also a chef.. and I always feels close to him when having a look at ur recipes.. u r so lookalike him

Anisha Singh says:

Made the cake yesterday.. it was soooooo delicious. My husband loved it.. even my family, I sent them the pik, appreciated the cake very much.. thank u so much for this recipe

Agastyaa Paul says:

Hey! I just wanted to ask that can we use coffee instead of cocoa powder?

Khushi Kumari says:

I'm all alone in my rented room due to lockdown . It's my birthday today but no one to celebrate.😞 But I made this cake and celebrated myself….😊😊😍😍😍 Thank you chef….😊😊😊😊😊

Ruchika Bhargava says:

I made this cake today, it was so delicious. Thank you chef.

Krishna Bhattacharya says:

In love with your skills yarrr really

Nivetha Mps says:

Wat can I use instead of butter

Sneha Rajpara says:

Superb 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Manasa Shekhar says:

Show more cakes receipes sanjyot … I follow all your receipes

Shravani Bapure says:

Thank you so much….☺

Akash Salvi says:

Nice bro…

Riddhi Shah says:

hello sir culd u share a recepie for bread without yeast and eggs

Khushi Sharma says:

You have alternate for everything, thats awsm man

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