Quarantine Cooking (Episode 2) — Gaines Family Chili

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I’ve noticed our kids quietly processing all that’s going on and wanted to make sure they knew they could process and express their concerns, questions and even fears in whatever form they were comfortable with. For my sweet Ella, she wanted to write down the questions she’s currently wrestling with and interview me.

I also wanted to provide another quick & simple family favorite recipe from the cookbook ❤️


Kelton Shipman says:

Love these episodes! So down to earth and authentic! And I love to cook at home! Your kids are the coolest.

Nichole V says:

Thank you for your cooking videos during the crazy time! 🥰

Kathy Olney says:

Great video!!! Chili looks great!! Yes this time is for the history books. But is important to stay healthy and virus free. Love your family videos sure miss you guys on the show!!!! Can we see little guy more and Emmy!!!
Remember her shopping like her daddy!!😂😂 Your show was my fav for spool long even your reruns I still watch. Just the most with simplicity..but when you were done it was GORG!! So beyond simple!! Love it!! Miss your fam!! And you!! Stay healthy!!!

Evelyne Drescher says:

That looks delicious 😋 nice to see you again 😘🙋🏼‍♀️take care of you all

Trixy P. says:

Yum!! This looks really good! Gonna give it a try 😋 💕

Galina Sunny says:

I love your projects so much! Me and my family invite you to Voronezh, Russia ! We are waiting for you!

A.L. H. says:

Quarantine cooking. Way to use this tragedy to try to make money on a stupid YouTube channel.

Mary Regan says:

Cant go wrong with a good bowl of chili with cornbread yum

Virginia House says:

Thanks for the quarantine videos, I think y’all have a beautiful family and it’s endearing to see y’all in your togetherness(hope that makes sense) and Drake -you are doing an awesome job with the camera! We appreciate you taking the time to share. I was wondering, I know y’all aren’t so outspoken about it but y’all do the love the Lord and y’all are very busy I know so I was just wondering do y’all schedule like a few moments everyday with the Lord like just to talk to Him or read the Bible, things like that to help keep Him first and foremost in your lives ? Or do y’all just let that time happen more naturally or organically when you can snatch a few moments here and there? Is it easier to find that time with the quarantine or harder since y’all are also occupying the babes? He is my peace(I had suffered with anxiety for years before I found my way back to the Lord and I still sometimes especially in times like these have to watch myself so that I keep that faith the most integral part of my life so that the anxiety doesn’t try to creep back in. And the more time I spend with the Lord and with Jesus the better I feel, but it is hard to sometimes find those moments with Him and make them the number one priority, and sometimes when I am trying to I almost feel like there is something fighting against that ,does that make sense? And when I don’t make Him my top priority I can definitely tell a difference in my peace or chaos-I can definitely tell a difference. So although I do talk to Him off and on throughout the day, is there any ideas y’all might have about maintaining that close relationship and having a few moments with Him and the Word?

SAXAR Ismayılov says:

Hello from Azerbaycan,from Baku👍I❤you😘😘😘🌸🌸🌸🌸

K Aiono says:

Making the most of what you have. Being resourceful and using your imagination, being creative. Awesome getting and sharing thoughts different perspectives with your children. Here in New Zealand there has been an avid rise in the community of people looking at growing their own veggie garden. With the arrival of the CoVid-19 people are panic buying for canned goods,sanitizers, face masks, gloves etc despite our Prime Minister Jacinda Adern telling the NZ public to buy sensibly. We are not about to have a shortage of resources any time soon or so it appears. Take Care and God bless.

lainey ruocco says:

Quarantine or not….you always look amazing!! God Bless you, Chip and your beautiful children……Stay safe and well…….All the Best , Lainey

Emma Anderson says:

This is the content we all need right now 😘 Thanks, Joanna!

Mary says:

We don’t make chili the same way but that’s ok. Your Fixer Upper show is my favorite. I wish you could fix up my home. God bless you and your family.

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