RUSSIAN SALAD | Best Healthy Tasty Salad | Best for all parties | By Chef Adnan

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Recipes prepared by Chef Adnan


Kitchen Styles says:

Looks yummy Awesome 😍😍😍😋😋👍👍👍☺☺☺
I joined you i hope you do same
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Roberts Karkala says:

Nims happy family says:

isit on my channel also subscribe plz

Barkat ul Haramain بركات الحرمين says:

اللہ تعالی سب کو ایسے کھانے نصیب فرمائے

Olivka Olivia says:

Wrong recipe ! 🙈

Awesome Alie says:

I would add paprika, lemon, and mix a tsp of sugar in mayonnaise prior to mixing it with veggies.

Sudarshan Jain says:

Well explained thanks , I want to know whether it's works on acne scars or no? If it works how long ?

Djumeira Osman says:

I love alivie Moscow salad

Julialifeisgood says:

I’m Russian and I don’t know what this is ???

Eve Day says:

Whooooaa no no no! There’s no pineapple or French beans in Russian salad

Mutturaj arts&crafts says:

Wow super 👌👌👌😋😋👍

Rubina Jan says:

You lose all nutrients by this way of boiling vegetables. You MUST ALWAYS boil FIRST then chop. Likewise always wash first then chop to not waste nutrients so essential to our body.

Влада Симонова says:

What Russian salad, if pineapples do not grow in Russia? 🤣😆😝👎

Nudra Ali says:

If I wil not using pineapple so make salad will be good

Kay One says:

Let him to do whatever to get one like !!!hahahaha.

Josephine Guisse says:

In Russian original receipt they is no ananas !!!

Tata Kuche says:

1) Салат Оливье оригинальный рецепт. Just copy and searching here in YouTube.
2) Селёдка под шубой.
3) салат "мимоза"
4) салат "еврейский"

Ε. Μ. says:

In Mother Russia you don't it salad, salad eats YOU.

rabiya wavoo says:
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All-Nation Food says:

Misbah Razak says:

You can cook the items together. Rather than boiling separately. Except for the potatoes which would be 3 minutes

SRG Tech Entertainment Channel says:

please do watch Italy

Hal Den says:

Very nice
Taste of Russian salad is really fantastic 👍💓
I am new here
Stay connected new friend

UniversalityTV says:

Its looking soo yummy. I will must try this in my next eating video. Watch my channel

Issa M says:

someone is having too much vodka.

ladyGoi bkk says:

Look interestibg and good for health.

farzana bashir awan says:

#pakeuro Cuisine

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