Satisfying Knife Skills – Cut Potato l Chinese Recipes by Masterchef

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Amazing cutting skills ~ It’s Culinary Magic to watch Masterchef John Zhang cutting potato into hair-like strips, and he shares a creative recipe, Ultra-Crispy Potato Crust Scallops, that’s so tasty.

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Chay Warburton says:

Wonder if this dish earned him a Michelin Star


Enjoying watch the top 1 potato cuting perfection.

Ernesto Gonzales says:

The music screwed it up. I want to hear cutting noises

Silver Snow says:

let me guests, this video is in your recommendation. right?

mashiro white says:


Sam ur Boi says:

All this work and i can see 98% of the plate still

4200cg says:

Do not get on this guys bad side. Imagine how he'd cut you

KamekoBruns says:

Started out so good. Then there was mashed fish.

Correction Codes says:

Dude.. just buy one of those infomercial thingies. ?

Matthew McNair says:

How long do u cook it in the wok?


This is how lay's is made.

Pulkit Kumar says:

Should I move to China now?

Y H I N says:

02:40 Iugh! Mayonnaise
Am I the only one who thinks he fucked up when he used mayo? ?

Nghi Nghi says:

Cái thớt đẹp quá . có muốn mua cũng không biết ở đâu bán

See Forwards says:

That one plate cost $350

Daniel R. says:

I want it now!!! FEED ME

Rntorio says:

Well and all that by 1.000 dollars

Unknown PrO says:

Plate Cost: $120

Fabrício Rodrigues says:

Hummm…. Arrazou!

Xxlaynpipe22xX says:

Who tf has time for this…great post

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