Sea Mushroom Grilling Recipe – Cooking With Sros

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Welcome back all my beloved.
Right here, I come with sea mushroom that I decided to soak with ingredient and stir grilling. Surely, it come out with the incredible taste. However, I do hope you still enjoy and stay tune. Thank you.

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I Am Thyda Cooking says:

it’s the first time I hear about sea mushroom

Ẩm Thực Quê Tôi says:


Lisa Jamison says:

I love mushrooms! I would love to try that recipe!

maxx maxx says:

Next fry up nemo and friends lol I wonder how they taste

Vence Barnes says:

Those are definitely corals, hope harvesting them for food won't hurt their numbers in the ocean…

Jo Lima says:

É cogumelo chitak?

Tim Kang Kimball Cho says:


Ольга Olga L says:

Интересно, что это за фигнюшки?

ViolentOrchid says:

These are coral, how long do they take to grow?

Yvon Moua Moua says:

Sister you are too fat now, you need some exercise for help your nice body back okay. I love to follow you to watch your yummy cooking.

Bonnie Peele says:

Never heard of a sea mushroom. Is it an actual mushroom, as in vegetable or is it something else, like some kind of oyster? Heard the baby in the background, sounds precious. Be safe and see you next time.

shazmeka Didi says:

Hai sros 😄Hi..I love it when you see you punch it with a dimmer.

petittomato says:

Ууух, выглядит круто :Q любим тебя😘

Marina Khan says:

tum logo par lanta karwai hy k kbi kuch sahi ka ta nhi ho,

Tom says:

great video keep up the amazing content

Tom says:

awesome video keep up the great content

నేను, నా బంగారం says:

You became fat now.. why?

Gigi Cedo says:

Is that an abalone?

mizfrenchtwist says:

the sea mushrooms look delicious……………what do they taste like . great tutorial , thank you , for sharing……………….

Nin is Cooking says:

This looks like a sea shell more than a mushroom! It also looks super tasty and chewy! 😆❤

kunjipillai 07 says:

Sros , I want to marry your sister.

逸凡美食 says:

It's a bad time to post a video! I just ate and I'm craving it again! It's a rhythm that's going to make me grow flesh.

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