Super Tasty – Top 5 Fish Recipes From Master Chef John

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Looking for simple and delicious fish recipes? Masterchef John showcases some unique recipes and epic methods of cooking with five of our fan’s favorite fish recipes from the past.

– Braised Pomfret
– Crunchy Fish Fry with Tartar sauce
– Panko Fish Fry with Sweet and Sour sauce
– Steamed Fish in Sauna Bucket
– Dry Braised King Mackerel

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Braised Pomfret:
Silver pomfret is one of the most sought-after ingredients in China and Taiwan, especially during the Chinese new year. Its flesh is delicate and buttery, and tastes great whether steamed whole, braised or in curry. In this episode, chef John demonstrate how to red braise the silver pomfret with pork tenderloin to give it extra kick of flavor.

Dry Braised King Mackerel:
Mackerel is a wonderful fish because the way you prepare it profoundly influences its taste. But in its native state, it has a bold flavor, and people say it tastes like – not like chicken, but like salmon or tuna, which we already established it belongs to the same family. As a texture, it is firm, chewy and a bit oily.

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My favorite method was the hotpot style rock fish. If that's what it's called. Absolutely delicious!! thanks for showing me how to do that🤝❤

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I still say you guys need to put out a disc/playlist of all the wonderful songs you use. The music is just as good as the amazing cooking imo. These dishes look fantastic

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What about the recipe of bat soup and pangolin chops?

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