Gobi or Gobhi ka paratha is a must have punjabi breakfast meal. Parantha is made throughout India and is loved by all. There are many variations on how to perfectly cook paratha and you can [More]
CHILLI PANEER RECIPE | चिल्ली पनीर की विधि | Chef Kunal Kapur Chilli Paneer is a delicious Indian – Chinese dish as a starter or a snack. When served as a side dish with fried [More]
In this video we will see how to make moong dal recipe in tamil. Crispy moong dal fry is a very famous snack which is great for crunching. This recipe tastes similar to the haldiram [More]
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Hello everyone, today I show you “Deep Fried Chicken Drumstick Recipe”. +++ Ingredient: Chicken Drumstick, Oyster sauce, Chili sauce, Salt, Sugar, Dried chili, Soy sauce, Garlic and Soybean oil. *** Sauce Recipe: Garlic, Dried chili, [More]
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Chapati Sandwich Ingredients : 1 Cup = 250 ml 3 Chapati Green Chutney Boiled Potato Slice Sprinkle Chaat masala Cucumber Slice Black Pepper Powder Salt Chapati Garlic Chutney Tomato Slice Chaat masala Grated Processed Cheese [More]
For written Recipe – http://www.chefkunalkapur.com/egg-curry/ Egg Curry – Perfect boiled eggs simmered in a robust masala curry. Eggs are an important part of our diet and this recipe is simple & bursting with flavors. Egg [More]
How to cook pizza without an oven, without yeast, at home which is vegetarian and takes minutes to cook. Tawa hai na, so let’s make Tawa Pizza at home. This recipe is easy to make [More]