I have made an oyster sauce Lo Mein not so long ago. Even though it was a basic flavor, I got so many compliments. Everybody loves it. Today, we gonna upgrade it into a beef [More]
Try Haus, now! The first 100 people to purchase two bottles of Haus using my link http://bit.ly/haus_STCG2 will get $10 off plus free shipping when they use my code, STCG2 Is NYC’s chopped cheese better [More]
Today we are making a well-known American Chinese food – orange chicken. It is not traditional, but the technique of making fried chicken and coat it with a sweet and sour sauce is commonly used [More]
Get inspired to prepare meatless Chinese dishes at home from Master chef John Zhang. #vegan #vegetarianrecipes #china Fried balls of wheat gluten have a smooth surface and a crispy texture and are very lightweight. It [More]
This chicken fried rice recipe takes 15 minutes to make. It’s absolutely delicious and everybody loves it- no doubt about that. Sometimes maybe you don’t know what to cook for dinner, this is it! It [More]
Wanna roast chicken in the office. No problem, any flowerpot can be your oven. By the way, bones can be used to make your own sculpture. Viola~~~Motorcycle Hello. I am Ms Yeah. I cook in [More]