Tasty Beef Cooking Duck Egg Soup – Yummy Beef Sour Soup Recipe – Cooking With Sros

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Hi everyone. Today I would like to show you with yummy beef cooking duck egg soup. So let’s enjoy together. Thank you.

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Nazma Khan says:

Please make a one video your husband and your family…plzzz it's my humble request ?

Reza Reza says:

Review cutting fish alive

LFK says:

Hola sros un poco tarde ahora pero aquí estoy para felicitarte por las recetas tan ricas que cocinas eres una gran persona Dios te bendiga junto a tu familia…??

being_humor says:

Cooking Shows Review || Stand- Up Comedy by Aakash Gupta ???

Diane C. DiDi says:

Hi Sros!!! Nice recipe today. Looked Yummy. A fan&friend from USA. DiDi

Aranda Laura Lujan says:

Yummy beef with egg soup. Good dish.

Hertagabi says:

Nem deu uma refogada já vai tudo dentro da água credo

sunny ji says:

Hi sros you are so beautiful

Isabel Grajales says:

Yummy food always

Nolimetangere says:

You seemed to be p@ssed off in the beginning of the video I hope the filmographers realize YOU ARE THE STAR❤️

Maria Ione da Silva Pereira says:

Mas vocês colocam cidreira é gengibre na comida? Aqui no Brasil usamos pra fazer chá

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