Tasty Beef Cooking Peperomia Pellucida – Cooking With Sros

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Hi everyone. Today I want you to enjoy with tasty beef cooking peperomia pellucida.
All the best, I do hope your life would be along with good thing and taste the food for your beautiful life. Thank you so much for coming.

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coney Silva says:

Oh my , that kind of grass I didn't know thats kind of vegetables I thought is only a grass and no poison. Wow.

Leah TRJB says:

Amazing! Looks delicious. 😍 Thank you, Sros! ❤🍜👍🏽

Ms Jindarella says:

Congratulations on your baby boy 🍼

leena lee says:

Hi elephant

Mary Ann Dubrovin says:

Yummy. Looks good.

Christina Velvizhi says:

A humble request ,open the lid and cook the greens.If you close and cook it is not good for your health.

Bla Bla says:

Giz sende bi doguramadin gitti

Matthias Maczollek says:

Hallo sros…ich hoffe es geht ihnen und ihrem baby gut….ich bin sehr neugierig ob es ein junge oder mädchen wird.. es wird auf jedenfall ein sehr schönes baby "ganz
mutter" sagen wir in meiner gegend….bitte lassen sie uns ein wenig teilhaben

Kelsykelsy Jobe says:

😍new recipe 😋its look delicious I'm hungry now😂yum yum😋👍👍💕💖

Rama Lingam says:

When is your baby coming

Gavin Satrohan says:

This plant grows wildly and we normally treat it as a weed and throw it out.

Ani Navasartian says:

I love her videos and recipes. Mind you I dont even eat seafood but I enjoy watching her cooking…. but the slurping please stop it… no slurping please

madlin dawwd says:

I love it😍

Gail Levine says:

What does peperomia pellucida taste like? Anyone know? Is it at all peppery as the name seems to imply? Then it would go very well with beef! Still no baby yet! She must be due very very soon!

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