Tasty Crispy Fish Frying – Cooking With Sros

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Hi everyone. Today I want you to enjoy with tasty crispy fish frying.
All the best, I do hope your life would be along with good thing and taste the food for your beautiful life. Thank you so much for coming.

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Kreem Mahde says:

انتي رئعة ساروس انتي في اي شهر صديقتك من العراق

Papa Antin says:

This woman didn't speak english, i don't understand what she say in the the end of the video!

Lynda Kimble-Williams says:

Oh goodness, wish I could find such fresh fish here in Florida prepared the way you do. ????✌????‍♀️

Primitive lifestyle CT says:

I like vegetable and sauce, look like delicious.

vinodhini uvaraj says:

Vow sros… Your expression makes me mouth-watering … Love u from chennai…

magesh magesh says:

Ur place is So beautiful

劉隆源 says:


Suraiya SAlima says:

Love from Bangladesh ??


Dress ro ? ta ?? khai debo ?? ?? ??

M Ch says:

А что так рыбу то плохо почистила, половина чешуи оставила. Но лайк всё равно я поставила?. За то что есть очень аппетитно???

Susan L says:

Love from Wisconsin USA!

Jinxarcan says:

This should be illegal its so good lol

Stephen Mildenhall says:

Love your recipes, love your cooking, you are gorgeous

Ryna korng says:

Wow i like et

Priyanka Singh says:

Where is the salt?

Rina Marlina says:

so delicious i see. but i dnt eat pork.Im moslem

Larry Song says:

The fried fish does look so yummy ?

Rama mondal says:

U don't eat salt ??

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