Tasty Seafood Noodles by Masterchef l Cooking ASMR • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show

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Masterchef John Zhang shows you how to make seafood noodles that’s so tasty and satisfying!

Chef John also shares a secret to make stir fry noodles that don’t stick.

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Juan Kuade says:

very nice ?????

Cào Cào TiVi says:

food is so delicious

Wow Food Factory says:

we are cooking village food, who love it?

Steve Lin says:

Order this next time you go to a Chinese Restaurant. It is called Pan Fried noodle. Most variation fried the noodle to save time instead of the way he's doing it here. I guarantee over 50% of you(Americans) who said this is "Tasty" will complain its too "Blend" "Taste like nothing" wants refund. Good luck!

Jose Hernandez says:

I cooked shrimp fried rice based on your video and it turned out delicious. I was very proud of it. I have been a subscriber and a fan of this channel ever since. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and techniques. Arigato! ?

Kitchen Practical says:

The knowledge is quite interesting.

DSpankyG says:

Hope to see some day, how Chef making a 酸辣土豆絲?

s4rt0x says:

What a cool knife in the beginning


You make me so hungry!!

Free Time 101 says:

I also doing this almost Same procedure when I was working in our Restaurant before. Good presentstion chef.

Muhammad Junaidu says:

Good, great, awesome, outstanding, amazing!!

Aviles Jose says:

i dont think this guys name is John.

pratik chorghe says:

Please tell him to off the water tap…water is valuable..dont waste

Patrick Maverick Arceñas Manlapig says:


暖洋洋的猫村 says:


วรุตม์ ปินตาเสน says:


Vic Phan says:

Love this dish !

Jack Gofretas says:

masterchef turtle https://youtu.be/R6Pct3Bzmik

Mikhail Museev says:

When i subscribe this channel i was mesmerized by masterpiece of the chef, beauty and creativity of his dishes… But later i understood, that i never find something like oil from root of wild lotus, which grows once in half-century, or virgin summer leaves of chinese mountain oranges…
And then i decide to boil some sausages with fried potato and heinze ketchup… At least i can find it) In my land even marinated jalapeno is rare like moondust)

Shan Yiqi says:


YouTube YouTube says:

Yeah it's halal as long don't use pork oil

TheRed4123 says:

chef has the same look on his face that I do when im awkwardly staring at my crush ???

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