Tasty Shrimp Rolling Rice Pepper – Cooking With Sros

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Hi everyone. Now I want to show you with tasty shrimp rolling rice pepper. Shrimp was prepared and straighten for rolling with rice pepper, soaked in the water. Then start frying for the crispy taste.
All the best, I do hope your life would be along with good thing and taste the food for your beautiful life. Thank you so much for coming.

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Debbie Bousquet says:

Omg this looks delish. Id love to have some to try… Yummy anything with shrimp…..

California 707 says:

Wow I can relate how tired Sros looks. I had 4 kids and at the end I looked and felt like she did with each one. She has to be getting close. ❤️

Rauna Thurston says:

Was that just regular lettuce that she was munching with the pawns?

Vendi A. Rasyid Kiarno says:

Okay amazing cooking ad fooding…. and action eat amazing…. I glad to watching its….

Good Creativity and success always….(Greetings from Indonesia)

Anon Emus says:

Aww shes preggers! Havent watched in quite some time, congrats Mama!!

Nikki Fernandez says:

Those look really delicious. But just a word of advice, when you're frying the shrimp, don't put so many in the oil. They will brown and be Alot crisper

Bobby Flakes Jr says:

Its videos like this that make me wish you were my nieghbor next door☺

Gisley Cabral says:

To ansiosa pra ver esse bebê que barrigão lindo??

Mili Cute says:

U look cute

Special Events says:

Food looks so yummy. And your mommy tummy looks like it’s growing nice and healthy?

Isabel Grajales says:

Always yummy food GBY ?

Irina Zelenograd says:

Думаю, что это очень вкусно.

hyacinth Joseph says:

I miss ur lil brother

Peggie Green says:

OMG my mouth is "watering" yummy yummy!!? But, I can't afford large shrimp of that size?

Towanda Thedriver says:

Would love for you to do a question and answer video

Zopa NDA says:

Sros .,lam your fan..l want to know your full name and address..

Yvonne Naicker says:

Expensive ho'deoures for ur lavish parties?

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