Tasty Sweet Sour Beef Cooking Pineapple Milk Soup – Yummy Pineapple Soup Recipe – Cooking With Sros

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Hi everyone. Today I would like to show you with tasty sweet sour beef cooking pineapple milk soup. So let’s enjoy together. Thank you.

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Monica Perez says:

Hi Sros you look very beautiful with the baby onboard. But where are your brothers. ?‍♀️

Sidney Mathious says:

That soup is looking so tasty and you must make so much soup during each week to feed your family. I hope someone else is cooking so when you have your baby they can step in and feed all of you.

nihad memmedli says:

Alvays rayninq veather so beautiful

Dipanwita Gayen says:

Pineapple is very harmful for your unborn baby plz don't eat pineapple in pregnancy period

bonita 38 says:

Mmmm looks good

Patricia Saenz says:


Carlos Kilgore says:

I love your cooking show. Such a oeginal?

Estefania hamasaki says:

Wowwww delicious forever
Love your videos
L admire you a lot ????????????????????

Pollyana IPDA says:

Amo chuva ????????

Ольга Хімішинець says:

Дуже цікаво оглядати як Ви готуєте.Вагітність Вас прикрашає.

gracy gracy says:

Plz don't eat pineapple sister ur pregnant

вероника михайлова says:

Please friends ! Hold my cooking channel

Althea May says:

I really enjoyed this recipe it looks very easy and simple and I would love to try it only thing about it is I don't know what you did after you sauteed it and everything and put everything in did you just add just water or did you add I know you at the end you added coconut milk but anyway it was wonderful and I might add rice with mine but thank you so much and we can't wait to see your new baby

sarah Germina says:

I love cooking

Gail Levine says:

I would just love to eat the pineapple after Sros has prepared it. It looks so juicy and fresh!

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