Top 5 Fried Rice by Masterchef l How To l Yummy Chinese Food

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Quick and Simple recipes – Masterchef John shows you how to make perfect homemade fried rice in 5 ways with step by step instruction.

Here are five of our fan’s favorite fried rice recipes:
00:07 BBQ Pork (Char Siu) Fried Rice
02:29 Epic Lamb Fried Rice
05:58 Shrimp Fried Rice
08:27 Chicken Fried Rice
11:14 Veg & Egg Fried Rice

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Megat Muhammed says:

Never thought the way you make the lamb fried rice is like making briyani but different version, love to try

Razel James Villagomez says:

Wow yummy 🤩🤩🤩

sweetha allimuthu says:

Why is the water keeps dripping from the tap? Waste of water, otherwise lovely video.

Edward Novanto says:

Thats looking of fried rice is Made me like want to be sick this why i hate Chinese food by the way IM Chinese Indonesian but i really hate Chinese food because the taste is so strange and bad i think when my mom make a Chinese food IM not gonna eat it and i'm just cooking noodle

Alison Raymond says:

Yayy! Fried rice.
My family usually have it for breakfast 😁. I like to add a bit of soy sauce into my fried rice. Keep stir frying until fragrance. And the best drink to go with any fried rice is hot tea (light to medium strength). 😋

Fajar Permana says:

Haram brow… Xixixi

Gagan Maur says:

3:21 rapeseed oil

Nittin sharma says:

Hey blind man can't you turn off the tap!!

fiddlestickz muzik says:

Love watching your videos, you guys are very talented cooks and TV producers.

Silvio Burlesquoni says:

The important thing is that there are no cooked bats 😂😂😂

Sammy Garcia says:

The food looks so tasty😛

John Isaac Muñoz says:

“I sense the Dragon Warrior is among us..”
~Master Oogway

Mahmoud Bouafia says:

Bats, dogs, cats, amphibians, baby rats, and….
Are not yummy food
That's disgusting piuck

Jannatul Mahi says:

Chine er peyaj? Bd teo ase

Anupama Premarathne says:

My favourite chef. I like this fried rice

Tsquare 07 says:

Hey there, is Chef John okay?

Klytus says:

Thank you so much chef for your fabulous fried rice dishes !! I learned a lot ! Wish you had the ingredient posted ??

Ari Martinez says:

Delicious 😍

Raoul Jon Frigillana says:

The egg yolk on rice is genius.. This video is just so satisfying to watch..

Javon Jones says:

Camera man was like nah, imma keep pressing the zoom in this one

mai huong Food says:

always follow you, Chef John. Love from Vietnam ♥♥♥♥♥♥

marcos gomez says:


hommi matcha says:

Pls avoid irritating music. Natural sound is more than enough. 🙏

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