What I Ate in a Day! VEGAN & REALISTIC easy recipes

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Monica Steger says:

Yes to the water kimchi recipe, please!

Laura ღ says:

I keep meaning to try freezing tofu but there's never any space in my freezer lol. Maybe I need to show it some love.

Max Madison says:

Hi Rose ? i lover this video. I cant wait for more videos with you and Daniel.

Loch Tess Monster says:

I would LOVE the water kimchi recipe!

David Mcgregor says:

Great video and recipes. I am watching this in the evening because I am at least 4-5 hours ahead of Canada in the UK. It was nice to see a What you eat in a day video for a change.

Sara Frego says:

I want the water kimchi recipe! ?

Wez Zew says:

That’s a definite YES for wanting to see a recipe for the water kimchi

Shirley Ryan says:

Hi Rose I picked up some rice sticks the other day and have no idea what to do with them! Could you suggest a nice sauce I could make to put them in. Thank you ☺️

H B says:

I like watching you improvise, but do you ever notice when editing you repeat yourself 4 times before going to the next topic, then repeat yourself on that topic 4 times? And over and over.

Jessy Wilson says:

Your cilantro will last longer if you put it in a vase like you would flowers. Then give it a cover with a bag before leaving it in the fridge.

Mary Bergherr says:

#assumptionsaboutrose. You hate to throw away food. ?me too!

Chloe Nicole says:

Youre funny! thanks for the asian vegan recipes!! <3

Nour Khawaja says:

If you don't trust your own recipe gurl why should we ?

hailey Belle says:

hey i know this is an odd question. and it is in no way meant to be creepy!! but i noticed in your $20 mean prep plan video that i think that's the walmart near my house. i was wondering if you live in calgary!! (i live in the NW) and if you do, is there any restaurant or shopping stores you would recommend for beginners?

tallmichael says:

I love how you’re a realistic cook and aren’t too proud to say you’re making lazy food bc it’s still just as delicious without all that effort! Even though I’m not vegan, you inspire me to make vegan meals a couple times a week, love you Rose! Keep on keeping on!

Maroxa’s Choices says:

What happens if your mom says no to the recipe? Then we will ALL be disappointed!

alexandra says:

Your skin looks sooo amazing! ? Also, why did you use a fork to eat Pad Thai? ?

Courtney HAMILTON says:

Love your videos Rose <3 your recipes are the only ones that have never disappointed me. I am working through your first ebook and everything is so damn good !!! Once I get through that I will be buying your Asian recipes too.

Maroxa’s Choices says:

Oh please, bore us with the couch story! We wanna know! LOL ?

Poppydreads Sophe says:

Yes waterkimchi recipe 😉

Kayla E says:

Do you eat anything before spin? I always struggle with eating before working out in the morning. I’ll feel dizzy if I don’t eat before working out, but if I eat too much or the wrong thing, I get sick ?

Anne Velusa says:

I don't think I have ever seen it spelled "Brussel sprouts" on a bag before. Isn't the technical name Brussels sprouts because they are from Brussels? Not trying to be "that person" but it's something I had gotten wrong like most of my life until a couple of years ago so I'm more aware now, lol.

Holly LeSauvage says:

Pleaseee make a vitamin video! I'm Canadian and am not sure where to find the necessary vitamins!

Cilantro says:

Mouldy, yikes ? hope they were cooked on high heat at least

Adriann Schmitke says:

Your food looks DELICIOUS!! I was at the SaVeg cafe last week and it was awesome!!

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