Wow amazing cooking crispy chicken wings with chili recipe

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Hi every one welcome to visit my channel is talk about cooking life style and Wow amazing cooking crispy chicken wings with chili recipe.
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Anyolina Garcia says:

Comen como puercas

Anyolina Garcia says:

A po están vivas ahora usan guantes lol seguirán comiendo sapos y arañas ahora con el virus 🦠 😂

AR Mondejar says:

Wow 😍 my favorite ❤️ Hug to Hug please 🙏

Valcarvalho Pinheiro says:

Essa pimenta é de cheiro arte pouco!

Sonia Duarte Machado says:

É muita pimenta credo.kkkk

Alejandra Hdz chavez says:

Sonrrian chicas siempre estan todas serias

LazyGamer says:

The woman with the blue ribbon in her hair is my favorite.

Cenira Bartes says:

Meu pai, a última coisa que vão sentir é o gosto do frango 😲😬

Tim Bozeman says:

Wow, these 3 babes know how to fix some all go to crispy wings, that kinds is almost like KFC Buffalo wings…

Solus Lionhardt says:

Wow such great chicken you so yummy

Lester Ureta says:

Ellas comen mas picante que mis amigos mexicanos 😱

The Coffee Clutch says:

Listen to the wonderful animal sounds in the background

Naiole Martins says:

Mas come um monte essas mina! Nossa senhora!

The Coffee Clutch says:

Looks delicious!

Naiole Martins says:

All that salt 😮
You guys gonna end up high blood pressure

Ms Anonymous says:

these look great, but unfortunately I can't do spicy foods

Giovanna Muñoz says:

Me pueden decir los ingredientes para la salsa que hicieron con el Chile , ajo, limón y lo demás no se que es 😣

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