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Nothing comforts you better than a delicious deep fried dish. Back by popular demand, here are 10 more deep fried recipes whenever you are looking for a delicious, crispy meal.

00:04 – Fried Mozzarella Pizza Bombs
01:11 – Nacho Fried Chicken Dippers
02:43 – Chicken Fajita Onion Rings
03:41 – Loaded Camembert Fries
04:19 – Cheeseburger Mozzarella Sticks
05:19 – Pizza Croquettes
07:00 – Fried Lasagna Nuggets
08:14 – Deep Fried Ice Cream Apple Pie
09:03 – Deep Fried Calzones
09:43 – Deep Fried Burger

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