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The food industry is developing so fat today because we can share and find recipes using the internet and social networks.
All these help people enjoy a delicious meal and prepare it at home. If you don’t know what to prepare for dinner, you will find a perfect compilation of recipes that are simplest ones we have.
If you want to amaze your guests try to cook dishes we share!
You certainly have at least a couple of eggs in the fridge because it’s one of the most popular products in the world. Eggs are used almost in every recipe from breakfast to desserts. Moreover, they are so healthy and contain a lot of nutrients who make eggs a super health product. We are ready to help you to cook perfect eggs.
Here is an awesome collection of eggs recipes and hacks:
-Prepare egg roll for breakfast just in 5 minutes
-Use a dental floss for perfect egg decoration for your kids
-Cook egg sandwich using a plastic bag
-Use ice tray to freeze and they will be always on hand to bake
-Separate egg whites or yolks Using a plastic bottle
-Place bell pepper ring in a frying pan. Crack an egg into bell pepper ring and fry for a couple of minutes
Stuffed potatoes will be your favorite dish after watching this video tutorial! How to make stuffed potatoes: Bake potatoes for 45 minutes. Remove the potatoes from the oven, cut them in half. Remove the cooked flesh from the potato skins and put in a bowl. To prepare perfect topping you will need to mix flesh with sour cream, ham and green onions. Next, put the potato mixture back into the potato shells. Cover the baking tray with the rest flesh and put stuffed potatoes upside down. Cover with bechamel sauce and bake for 20 minutes. Voila!
Some time ago tornado potato recipe became viral and it turned out that you can cook this perfect dish without any cooking skill. Take potatoes and push a wooden skewer through the center of each potato. Using a sharp knife carefully cut in a spiral motion from one side to other of each potato. Now divide the potato slices to give them some space and place on a baking tray covered with parchment paper. Add any topping and enjoy!

00:33 Homemade tornado potatoes
04:07 Romantic breakfast idea
07:23 Perfect egg roll recipe
10:20 Freeze eggs
13:40 Meet balls
14:34 Stuffed potatoes

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