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I have never seen a person who doesn’t love mango as they taste so good! Besides, this fruit has a lot of benefits for your health! Eating mangoes will help you to boost immunity, it clears the skin, improves eye health and improves digestion.
Usually, we have two problems: it’s really impossible to stop eating mangoes as they are truly delicious and the second problem is that everything becomes sticky around you and you also. In this video, we share a lot of lifehacks how to choose mango, the quickest way to peel and cut it and cool recipes with mango that you will love!
The first trick will teach you how to choose mango: pour water in a bowl and place mangoes inside. The ripe one doesn’t sink. Always wash mango before cutting it. Mangoes have a large and flat pit in the middle and you need to make two slices on either side of the pit. Now you have two halves with flesh, use the knife to make squares as we show in our tutorial. Next, take a glass and place the edge of the mango half against the lip of a glass and slide it down. Because the mango flesh is very soft, the glass can slide through it and separate the skin relatively pain-free.
We prepared a perfect one ingredient dessert that will be a perfect snack for healthy eaters or kids. Besides it a perfect vegan and gluten-free dish. Preheat oven to 155 Degrees F. Mango roll-ups are very easy to cook: make mango puree, take a baking tray, cover it with a cookie sheet and spread evenly mango puree with a spatula. Bake for 7 hours. Enjoy! One more cool recipe is mango sorbet made from frozen mangoes. You will love this quick and low-calorie recipe. You can also make beautiful mango roses covered with chocolate syrup. This desserts looks gorgeous and is also super-delicious!

00:09 How to pick a ripe mango
00:34 Mango roll-ups
01:19 Mango sorbet
01:43 Mango roses
03:09 Brilliant ways to cut fruits

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