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Awesome hair removal tips using coffee, lemon and toothpaste! You’ll learn how to make perfect manicure with lemon and warm water, how to remove acne and clogged pores on your face. The recipe is simple: use sugar, fresh lemon juice, aloe gel and rose water and your face will glow:) How to grow your hair fast and easy? Use onion hair mask twice a week for 3 months and the result will shock you?
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00:10 How to remove armpit hair with coffee, toothpaste and lemon
00:47 How to dry your hair with a plastic bag
01:13 How to clean cosmetic brushes with a kitchen device
01:36 How to clean hair straightener with coca cola ?
02:39 Effective lip scrub tutorial ?
03:10 Homemade lip tint from food coloring
03:45 How to whiten your teeth with a strawberry ?
04:15 Activated carbon to whiten your teeth
05:23 Clean a frying pan with baking soda
05:38 Use lemon ? if your hair lost its color
07:26 Onion hair mask to make hair growth go quicker
08:34 Homemade lipstick from gelatin
09:20 How to get rid of open pores with rose water?, lemon, aloe gel and sugar
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