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detailed recipe for making chicken stew dinner
the amount of food to be done in this video is enough for 150 people
ingredients for making chicken stew
8 pieces of whole chicken to be used
5 kilograms of eggplant
6 pounds of green zucchini
7 kilograms of potatoes
3 kilograms of tomatoes
4 kilograms of carrots
4 kilograms of onions
thyme in a bowl
250 grams of hot pepper paste
crushed garlic and black pepper
You can use garlic
salt and sugar
900 grams of tomato paste
chicken broth

chop chickens before
remove the chest and leg parts
prepare chickens in boneless form
You can also add the wing parts in the bony way.
chop the chickens in medium size
you may just want to use chicken breast meat
it would be better to use whole chicken to be delicious
also benefit from the boil water of the bones
fill the chopped chickens into a wide container
Add some sunflower oil and mix completely
boil chicken bones for at least 2 or 3 hours
Get the foam on it to have a clean water
if you want to use this chicken broth later, add some salt into it.

add liquid oil to the large pan and allow it to warm up
add the chicken after the oil is heated and mix at intervals
Cook the chickens for 5 to 10 minutes, do not need to be fully cooked
add chickens into strainer to get rid of excess fat
peel the onions and chop
Peel the carrots and chop
Peel the eggplants and chop
chop all ingredients to the same size, prepare
green pumpkin chop
Peel the potatoes and chop
chop tomatoes
except for the ingredients here, you can use green pepper and mushrooms

chopping stage and preparation part of the dish to be made is ok, now cooking stage
add plenty of roast oil into the large saucepan and allow it to warm up
add the chopped vegetables into the heated oil and fry for a short time
Add the carrots first,
Add the carrots in the strainer after 1 minute
Add green zucchini into overheated oil, wait 1 minute
add non-oiled vegetables to a wide tray
Add the eggplants and fry a little, add the eggplants in the strainer
add the potatoes and fry them, add the potatoes in the strainer
my potatoes are a little too fried, you don’t mind
chopped onions and fry a little, add the onions into the strainer
small onion can use
combine all vegetables in a large tray
add chopped tomatoes
soil pots need to be used at this stage
but if the amount is a little too much and if this is not possible you can use deep oven containers
stir and add vegetables
add chicken
Add the vegetables again and add the chicken again

place materials in containers this way
need to prepare the juice of the dish
Add some chicken broth into deep pots
tomato paste and pepper paste add to mix
Add garlic and black pepper
Add salt and sugar
add plenty of chicken broth and allow to boil
add plenty of thyme to the top of the stew
add the specially prepared boiled sauce to your meal
Cover with aluminum foil so as not to air, and bake 1 hour to 170 degrees
open the foil paper, pay attention to the steam of the food
After cooking cook a little rest,
After half an hour you can serve with yogurt next to it