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FINALLY!! A cloud slime tutorial 😉 this was probably the most highly requested video since we started our Instagram and YouTube channel! The quality and lighting of this video isn’t the best, but I hope the video makes sense and that you can follow the instructions easily. Please let me know how it goes if you do try to make your own cloud slime! This was my first time making cloud slime (Mushy Mom usually makes it haha), and I think I did quite a good job if I must say so myself lol 😉

We sell an icing slime kit as well as the snow powder on our website 🙂 The prices are on the website!

Our basic slime tutorial:

Our icing slime tutorial:

New to slime and want to know more about the different textures of slime we sell? Watch this video:…

About us: We are a slime company based in Cape Town, South Africa! You can order slime via our website or you can go and stalk our Instagram @mushyslime ( and @mushyslimebts (

Editing done by Mush on iMovie and Windows Movie Maker.
All filming was done on an iPhone 6S.