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Cute baby girl Sneyha cooked delicious Hilsa/Elish fish eggs curry to feed her friends. They have arranged picnic & prepared tasty fish around beautiful nature.

She is only 4 years kid and she can handle small pot to cook picnic food for each others.

This is a cooking show by Sneyha, who is only 4 years old.

This time we have bought small small cooking pot for her and also we have arranged very small gas stove to light up fire. This is an entertainment show and no injury or harm has happened during the cooking and filming. She loves to cook, she even helps the adults cook for the whole village. We never force her to do anything and she is in good hands because her father is cameraman. We do everything carefully to assure that she does not get hurt. We sometimes don’t light up the fire until she puts all the ingredients in the pot.

In this cooking show no one helping her. We just arranged all the ingredient and fish eggs for her.

The cutest part is Sneyha serving the Hilsa fish eggs to other children after she finished cooking and also eats with them after she’s done serving everyone.

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