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i dedicate this episode of cooking with nina to jung hoseok


hello my frens it’s nina and it is so good to be back in the kitchen makin food for y’all :’) in this episode of cooking with nina i made kimchi fried rice bc a lot of y’all requested kimchi fried rice

also disclaimer i’m not from minnesota despite what my hoodie says i honestly don’t know how i have it i go to cal and i’m from california but it’s red and comfy so yea

this is also to celebrate oh no nina reaching 200k frens!! i wanted to film this earlier but i didn’t have the right time but better late than never!! hope you enjoy :”)

as a pescatarian i didn’t make this kimchi fried rice with spam or other meat like most ppl would do but i find that just kimchi and rice is just as good !!! of course u can add whatever you want or even use vegan kimchi which is conveniently available in most american supermarkets as well. korean cooking is pretty flexible 🙂

i hope u enjoy this video and i will see u next week!!! my upload schedule (as u can tell by now) is currently every sunday at 11 am pst!!

but rly thank u so so so much for 200k and for being here and for giving this channel love i love u very much it’s been quite the journey so far and i’m looking forward to our future!!!! I LOVE Y’ALL

see u soon :’)

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