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Welcome to India’s Digital Chef.

Let’s begin the journey to find country’s first-ever Digital Chef. With Episode 5, we have brought to you another exciting cook-off with lots of fun, banter and delicious recipes by our contestants Shahla Ahmed & Jyoti Mahawar

Across 4 rounds, 16 home-chefs from different corners of the country compete in 15 exciting cook-offs to become country’s first-ever Digital Chef. Culinary masters of the country, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Saransh Goila and Chef Amrita Raichand will make sure that the contestants are on their toes when it comes to technique, flavours and health.

Food + Flavours + Health + thrill of cook-off = India’s Digital Chef. Episodes out every Tuesday and Friday Powered by India Gate Brown Rice Weight Watchers Special. Associate Sponsor: Livpur

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Conceptualized and produced by One Digital Entertainment
Director: Sumit Sarjerao Patil
Assistant Director: Priyanshi Shrivastava and Shravan Leekha
Cinematography: Aditya Vaidya, Amey Dhuri, Aritra Sen, Hiren Kachchhy, Kashif Rameez, Saishyam Haridas
Scriptwriter: Juhi Goklani
Editor: Vivek Chaturvedi
Graphics: Mustafa Zaveri, Murtaza Patanwala, Venugopal Iyer
Project Manager: Aishwarya Kerkar
Associate Producer: Minal Batra and Aishwarya Kerkar
Supervising Producer: Abhilash Chatterjee
Content Supervisor: Ruchi Patel and Aishwarya Kerkar
Art Director: Anprosh Jadhav
Assistant Art Director: Bhagirath Sahu
Art Direction Team: Anushka Vaidya and Shravan Leekha
Costumes: Riddhi Tolia
Contestant Manager: Aasma Pawaskar and Anushka Vaidya
Hospitality Manager: Aasma Pawaskar and Anushka Vaidya
Brand Solutions Team: Aishwarya Kerkar and Richa Bajaj
Client Servicing: Pragya Nagpal and Ritu Yadav
Sales Team: Brijesh Thakur, Panshul Jhingan and Pragya Nagpal
PR Manager: Parul Parmar
Social Media Team: Krish Khanna and Sourav Mukherjee
Back-end Support Manager: Abhijit Mishale
Talent Co-ordinator (recipes): Chef Afraz Shaikh
Back Kitchen Team: Chef Jaaei Jaywant, Chef Prathamesh Ruke, Chef Shalaka Arakal
Production and Set Assistant: Mandeep Mishra, Karan Singh and Rohit Mangela
Hair and Make-up Team: Kishore Sawant, Kavita Sheth and Raghu Shetty
Dress Dada: Vikas Sharma
Setting Team: Babu, Imran and Jitu
Camera Attendants: Jagdish Prajapati and Rahul Shrivastava
Lights: Satheesh.K.V
Camera: Aryavat Studios
Spot boys: Amar, Akash, Manoj, Rafikul Islam & Sunil