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Opening Up a Restaurant In New York City With a Michelin Star Chef | Chef George Mendes, The Recipes I Created Inspired By What I Eat In a Day as a Model, & Giving Gratitude To All of YOU | Sanne Vloet

Hey Guys,

Today I start the video and my little note with gratitude. It’s become part of my daily routine to give gratitude and today I am beyond grateful for all of your support. Today’s video is dedicated to you because without everyone in this community I would never have found myself cooking alongside George and opening a restaurant in the heart of New York City!

I’m not going to lie, I did get a little teary eyed when I was finishing the video. This experience took me back to my first vlogs and the start of our wellness journey together. It took me back to my first What I Eat In a Day as a Model and wow, my granola is going to be on the shelves at the restaurant! Who tried to make it at home?

You guys inspired me to purse this wellness journey that lead to this amazing restaurant collaboration with George. This video is really close to my heart because of the hard work, amazing team that came together to make this happen, and the crazy journey we’ve been on since I started making video’s at the Victoria’s Secret Show in Shanghai! I’m curious who here has been with me since the beginning?

So I hope you subscribed already and if you haven’t it’s not too late to join our amazing community. I’m going to be back in the kitchen next week at Amar so I hope to see you guys there. I’m going to have a meet up there for sure on one of these days and I was thinking maybe we could do a food meetup? Maybe make a few special items for that day in particular? Your ideas always help so let me know I really want to meet you guys!

This is the start of something special and I can’t wait for us to experience it all together!

Love you guys!



1. Favorite recipe from your childhood?
2. Favorite dessert as a child?

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